A garden that has been landscaped can add value and a wow factor to a house.
Peter Rollings. Chief Executive of estate agents Marsh & Parsons.
Juian Power offers an individual, personal service to help you realise your needs for that ever-changing space, your garden.

Creating a garden can be expensive so let Julian Power manage your budget to maximise the effect at realistic cost. Garden design starts from £100.

The photos below are of recent projects. Click on them to expand them.
The concept was to produce a raised flower bed that was easy to maintain within an area with limited space.
project photo a1
project photo 2
A simple lawned area was transformed with the use of a series of natural stone pathways and a redesign of the planting regime.
project photo b1
project photo b2
project photo b3
project photo b4
project photo b5
project photo b6
project photo b7
project photo b8
project photo b9
project photo b10
project photo b11
Here we have a work station consisting of compost bays, potting area, a raised cold frame and leaf mould bins to recycle waste and create new life in the garden. We used slate to compliment the standing area.

Coast to Coast landscapes created some hexegon shaped steps to compliment a rustic wall and surrounds complete with a seating area á la The Lord of the Rings.
project photo c0
project photo c1
project photo c2
project photo c3
project photo c4
project photo c5
project photo c6
project photo c8
project photo c7
We created a tranquil side area to the client's home resplendent with a double pond, running stream and deck area.
project photo d1
project photo d2
project photo d3
project photo d4
project photo d5
project photo d6
project photo d7
project photo d8
project photo d9
An evening sun patio and planting two years on from the original redesign.
project photo e1
project photo e2
project photo e3

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


How the design is formed.

"The way I develop the plans is firstly to visit the client to discuss and view the the potential project, and this is complementary.

"Secondly, for the conceptual flow and ambience, I work on sketches before measuring up to give an overview of what the garden might look like. I then  continue to sketch the different vistas, until we agree a definite direction.

"These sketches are based on design principles, the garden's history and the clients personal needs and requirements - including colour, structure and fragrance.

"The hard landscaping is very much like a vase that the soft planting will be held within.

"I then measure up with my CAD design colleague and fit in the features appropriately.

"During the process the planting comes to mind and is slowly developed also and I spend some time correlating this after measuring up, and site analysis.

"The agreed plans are then put into a CAD design for final build use.

"I then introduce the landscaper who will quantify from the agreed plan."
Whether it's a cottage or a country house, buyers will always ask about the garden. It's always near the top of their list.
Damian Gray. Estate agents Knight Frank.

Contact Julian to discuss your needs and ideas and, if necessary, arrange a free visit to your location.

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